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5 Best Apps to download on to your PS4


One of the main features of the PS4 is the ability to download Apps (or applications for short). We’ve got you the top 5 list of the best apps you can download to your PS4 right now!

Here’s the top 5 apps to download to your PS4:

1. Netflix

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Netflix is the ultimate app for streaming content to your PS4. With the massive choice of movies and TV shows you won’t want to go anywhere else. Netflix is now that popular that it now produces its own movies and tv shows and are pretty good! It’s not a free app but they offer a competitive price so check it out!

2. YouTube


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YouTube is where video content creators can upload their videos. This is very popular amongst video gamers as a means of uploading their gameplay and inserting advertisements at the beginning of their videos to generate a little income. The PS4 interface is very sleek and a welcome addition to the PS4

PS Now

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Playstation Now is a new feature to the PS4 where you can stream over a selection of 100 PS3 games for a monthly subscription. If you haven’t got access to a PS3 console this will be the perfect solution to play backwards compatible games. More games are being added all the time so check it out!

Spotify/Playstation Music

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There’s no denying that music centres around everyone’s lives and there’s nothing better than the biggest streaming music app out there and that is Spotify! Spotify has all the music you’d ever want, whether it’s the latest tracks or an album you grew up listening to, then get this downloaded for your music pleasure. Spotify is free but they offer a premium subscription for a small cost if you don’t want to hear any ads.


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ShareFactory enables the PS4 user to edit videos and add effects to their videos by using videos or stills they have captured using the ‘Share’ button on the DualShock 4 controller. You can then share these to Social Media sites like Facebook! Such a neat feature!

If there’s any apps you’d like to recommend then please leave a comment or visit our Facebook page!

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