7 most wanted changes to improve Playstation Trophies

What every gamer loves is updates. Anything that adds or improves the functionality of Playstation Trophies is a welcome addition. After looking at various posts on the web this is what Playstation Trophy Hunters want:


  • A Trophy Progress Bar: Appearing across the top as and when you acheive a trophy. Maybe a setting could allow the bar to sit there while you play the game. This feature could be annoying to some but can be disabled in the System Settings.
  • Playstation Trophy Rewards: This is my most requested feature and one I would very much welcome. I would love to be rewarded with free backgrounds or themes and even a discount code to use on the Playstation Network. Make this happen!
  • A Trophy Cabinet: Wouldn’t it be great to see all your Ultra Rare trophies you obtained in the past! I was most impressed with the Silent Hill 2 platinum I achieved but nothing to show for it!
  • Trophy Details: Wouldn’t it be great to see the progress of each trophy earned. For example how many more kills you need to get before the trophy unlocks. Hopefully this will be implemented soon!
  • Deleting Trophies: There’s always going to be one gamer who has shamefully played a game they’re not proud of. ahem. Hannah Montana..
  • Changing the Trophy Sound when unlocking trophies: Wouldn’t it be great to change the ‘ding’ sound to a sound file of your choosing. Personally I still like the ‘ding’ but I know others that would change it.
  • A Trophy Stats App on the PS4: You can see on average how many trophies you earn a week, the rarest trophies you’ve earned, etc.

Any more features you’d like to see added to Playstation Trophies? Add a comment!

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