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A-Z of things you need to get for your Playstation 4 today

We love the Playstation 4 that much that we decided to come up with the a-z list of things to get for PS4! Unfortunately it might not be too healthy for your wallet…!

A-Z of things you need to get for your Playstation 4 today

A: Arcade Stick

If you’re into Street Fighter then one of these devices is essential to getting the most out of your game!

B: Blu-ray Remote

Let’s admit that using the DualShock 4 controller is not the best device to play movies. You can easily knock the controller off the sofa and it stops playing so why not get yourself a proper blu-ray remote!

C: Camera

The Playstation camera is needed for PS VR support but you can also use it to switch on your PS4 through the use of your voice. You can give it commands to play movies too!

D: DualShock 4

Probably one of the obvious things you need but sure enough get yourself a second controller so you can play local games with your partner or friend.

E: Elgato Game Capture Card

This is an awesome device, it captures all your gameplay footage to your laptop or other computer’s hard drive. You can then edit this footage and upload them to YouTube or Twitch.

F: Faceplates

Getting bored with the way your PS4 looks? Get a faceplate! Faceplates come in all different shapes and size and you can browse websites like Ebay or Amazon for the best ones!

G: Groups

If you have quite a few PS4 friends you can organise them by using the groups function on the PS4 and send the group messages and much more.

H: Hard Drive

This is very important! You are going to run out space and I mean quickly. If you have adopted one of the earlier models of the PS4 you will more likely have just 500gb worth of space. This soon gets eaten up when you install loads of games to your hard drive. Save yourself the hassle and buy a 2TB hard drive! Four more times the storage!

I: iPlayer

If you want to view BBC’s on demand channels, download the iPlayer app and choose from a wide selection of TV shows and programmes.

J: Journey

We had to cheat with ‘J’ so we came up with Journey! Download this game through the Playstation Store.

K: Keyboard

There’s no better way than to message your PSN friends than by using the keyboard!

L: Light Bar

On the DualShock 4 there is a light bar which can come in very handy when you’re playing games. In games where you could lose a life the bar could turn to red. Quite handy!

M: Playstation Music

Powered by Spotify you can play the latest tunes and tracks for free or pay a subscription to get rid of the ads.

N: Playstation Now

Playstation Now is a subscription service where you can play older PS2 and PS3 by streaming them to your console.

O: Offline

With the PS4 you can appear offline if you’re not in the mood to socialise with your PS4 friends.

P: Playstation Trophies

Yeah we can’t deny this opportunity to ignore PSN Trophies! View this website to see the available trophy lists we have and let us know what we can do to improve the site! Trophies add replay-ability to a game and gives you the sense of achievement when you get the platinum!

Q: Quantum Break

This is a PS4 game where you can make ‘choices’ throughout the game to change the story. Pretty clever!

R: Resume Function

You can put your PS4 into standby mode when you’re not using it and then 10 minutes later you can resume exactly where you left off by pressing the home button on your DualShock controller!

S: SquidGrip

The DualShock can get a little slippery after some use so having a grip on your controller is essential.

T: Playstation TV

Well not Playstation 4 exactly but this is a very handy gadget if you was to go on the move. You can use this device to play old PS1 games. It also has a slot in the back where you can play PS Vita games too!

U: USB Cable

Without one of these cables you won’t be able to connect and charge your Playstation devices! Most devices use USB 3.0 which is the latest standard in modern cables.


The PS VR is the next generation piece of kit you’d definitely will want for your PS4. Immerse yourself into the Virtual World of realism! Unfortunately they’re not cheap so you might want to hold bak for a while.

W: Wireless Headset

The wireless headset is a must, especially if the girlfriend is trying to sleep and you want to game. The official wireless headset connects to the USB dongle (which is provided) and you are instantly connected to the game you are playing. If the rechargeable battery does go you can always connect the headset to the back of your controller using the jack cable provided!


We nearly got stuck with X but we came up with XMB, i.e X cross media bar. This is the system you use when you control the PS4’s interface. It’s pretty neat and it’s an upgrade to the PS3’s interface.

Y: YouTube App

Download this App for your Playstation 4 to view homemade videos or even watch your favourite song playlist.

Z: Zombie Army Trilogy

We winged Z a bit and came up with Zombie Army Trilogy. This is a zombie shooter where you have to fend off waves of zombies.

There we go! That’s our PS4 A-Z! We hope you enjoyed reading and if there’s anything we missed or you recommend then please leave a comment!

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