Don’t Starve (PS4) Trophy List

Don’t Starve (PS4) Trophy List

10 Trophies can be earned in this title

The Firestarter (Bronze)
Unlock Willow

The Strongman (Bronze)
Unlock Wolfgang

The Bereaved (Bronze)
Unlock Wendy

The Soulless Automaton (Bronze)
Unlock WX-78

The Librarian (Bronze)
Unlock Wickerbottom

The Lumberjack (Bronze)
Unlock Woodie

The Silent (Bronze)
Unlock Wes

The Puppetmaster (Silver)
Unlock Maxwell

Secret Trophies

Look on my works, ye Mighty, (Gold)
Build an Accomploshrine

…and despair! (Gold)
Use the Accomploshrine 725 times

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