Headmaster (PS VR) Trophy List

Headmaster (PS VR) Trophy List

14 trophies can be earned in this title.

Contractual Obligation (Bronze)
Perform The Proper Heading Motion

Stay Hydrated! (Bronze)
Receive the Snack Cart

Misguided Marksman (Bronze)
Hit large goal crossbar 3 times in a row

Occupied! (Bronze)
Catch Robert in the Porta-Potty

Splitting Headache! (Bronze)
Hit Robert in the Head with a Knife Ball

Revenge! (Bronze)
Hit the loudspeaker with a Ball

Turkey! (Bronze)
Bowl 3 Strikes In A Row

Crane Operator (Bronze)
Pass Exam 1

Die Already (Bronze)
Pass Exam 2

Coulrophobia (Bronze)
Pass Exam 3

I’m Super, Thanks for Asking (Bronze)
Pass Exam 4

Improved (Silver)
Earn your Freedom

Teacher’s Pet (Silver)
Ace Every Exam

It’s Full Of Stars (Gold)
3 Stars on Every Lesson

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