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Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens (PS4) Trophy List

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens (PS4) Trophy List

70 trophies can be earned in this title.

The Force Awakens (Platinum)
Unlock All Trophies

I’ll Come Back For You! (Bronze)
Complete TFA Chapter 1 – Assault On Jakku

Classified? Me Too. (Bronze)
Complete TFA Chapter 2 – Escape From The Finalizer

The Garbage Will Do (Bronze)
Complete TFA Chapter 3 – Niima Outpost

…What Was The Second Time? (Bronze)
Complete TFA Chapter 4 – The Eravana

Eyes Of A Man Who Wants To Run (Bronze)
Complete TFA Chapter 5 – Maz’s Castle

Don’t Let These Dogs Scare You (Bronze)
Complete TFA Chapter 6 – Battle of Takodana

You Wouldn’t Like It (Bronze)
Complete TFA Chapter 7 – The Resistance

Is There A Garbage Chute? (Bronze)
Complete TFA Chapter 8 – Starkiller Sabotage

A Bag Full Of Explosives (Bronze)
Complete TFA Chapter 9 – Destroy Starkiller Base

It Belongs To Me! (Bronze)
Complete TFA Chapter 10 – The Finale

Speechless (Bronze)
Complete Luke’s Island

A Long Time Ago…. (Bronze)
Complete The Battle of Endor

Never Tell Me The Odds (Bronze)
Complete Poe To The Rescue

Travelled Too Far. Seen Too Much (Bronze)
Complete Lor San Tekka’s Return

Used To Have A Bigger Crew (Bronze)
Complete Rathtar Hunting

The Crimson Corsair (Bronze)
Complete The Crimson Corsair

Hello! Were You Looking For Me? (Bronze)
Complete Trouble Over Taul

It’s A Trap! (Bronze)
Complete Ottegan Assault

There Has Been An Awakening… (Gold)
Complete The Force Awakens

It’s True. All of it… (Gold)
Complete New STAR WARS Adventure Levels

The Force, It’s Calling To You. (Bronze)
Obtain ”True Jedi” in any level

Just A Scavenger (Bronze)
Collect all Minikits in any level

I Can Fly Anything (Silver)
Collect all Minikits in the game

Unlearn What You Have Learned. (Bronze)
Re-build a Multi-build object

They’re Shooting At Both Of Us! (Bronze)
Complete a Blaster Battle

I’m Getting Pretty Good At This! (Bronze)
Complete a Blaster Battle without dying

Bow To The First Order! (Bronze)
Complete all First Order missions

A Big Deal In The Resistance (Bronze)
Complete all Resistance Missions

He’s No Good To Me Dead (Silver)
Complete all Bounty Hunts

Less Than 12 Parsecs (Silver)
Complete All Races

60 Portions! (Silver)
Complete all Scavenger Missions

Force Is Strong With This One (Gold)
Achieve 100% Completion

Red Leader (Silver)
Purchase All Red Bricks

Cryptosurgeon (Bronze)
Create a custom character

The New Jedi Will Rise (Silver)
Collect ”True Jedi” on all levels

We Need More Troops! (Bronze)
Defeat 50 Stormtroopers

Don’t Get Cocky! (Bronze)
Defeat 100 TIE Fighters

I Like That Wookiee… (Bronze)
Complete a Free Play level playing as Maz Kanata and Chewbacca

Hey! That’s Miiiiiiine! (Bronze)
Play as Unkar Plutt on the Millennium Falcon

Quick on the Draw (Bronze)
In a blaster battle, have Han Solo defeat a character who is preparing an attack.

Not The Droid You’re Looking For (Bronze)
Use the wrong type of droid on an access panel

Traitor! (Bronze)
Defeat Finn using FN-2199

Family Reunion (Bronze)
Have Kylo Ren and Han Solo in the same party

Show Me, Grandfather (Bronze)
Defeat Kylo Ren playing as Darth Vader

STOP…..Kylo Time (Bronze)
As Kylo Ren, Force Freeze another character

Little Short For A Stormtrooper? (Bronze)
Use a hat dispenser to put a Stormtrooper helmet on a small Minifigure

Anything Else? (Bronze)
Destroy all computer terminals in Starkiller Shield Room as Kylo Ren

Chewie, We’re Home (Bronze)
Play as Han Solo (Classic) and Chewbacca on the Millennium Falcon

Stormtrooper Syndrome (Bronze)
Miss your target 10 times in a blaster battle
DLC: The Phantom Limb

We Are In Quite A Predicament (Bronze)
Complete ”The Phantom Limb” Story-related

I Retrieved The Information… (Bronze)
Collect all Minikits within ”The Phantom Limb”

…But At A Terrible Cost (Bronze)
Achieve ”True Jedi” in ”The Phantom Limb”

What He Was Programmed To (Bronze)
Defeat all the Taul Swarmers as PZ-99 in Story

Thought We’d Never Find You (Bronze)
Play in a Free Play party with Poe Dameron (Flight Suit) and BB-8
DLC: Poe’s Quest for Survival

Kinda Like To Get Back To Work (Bronze)
Complete “Poe’s Quest for Survival”

A Use For Scrap… (Bronze)
Collect all Minikits within “Poe’s Quest for Survival”

Who’s Gonna Pick That Stuff Up? (Bronze)
Achieve “True Jedi” in “Poe’s Quest for Survival”

Quite The Marksman! (Bronze)
Dispatch the Strus Clan using the smelliest means necessary

Greatest Pilot I’ve Ever Met (Bronze)
Avoid all of the Strus Clan speeder traps
DLC: First Order Siege of Takodana

We Must Have The Girl (Bronze)
Complete “First Order Siege of Takodana”

On Your Wing, Epsilon Six (Bronze)
Collect all Minikits within “First Order Siege of Takodana”

I’ll Remedy That Immediately Sir! (Bronze)
Achieve “True Jedi” in “First Order Siege of Takodana”

Those Beasts! (Bronze)
Destroy Takodana Castle

I Shall Deal With Her On My Own (Bronze)
Capture Rey whilst deflecting all her blaster bolts
DLC: Escape from Starkiller Base

Hey! That’s Not Yours! (Bronze)
Complete “Escape from Starkiller Base”

I loosened The Lid! (Bronze)
Collect all Minikits within “Escape from Starkiller Base”

Time To Earn Your Passage R3 (Bronze)
Achieve “True Jedi” in “Escape from Starkiller Base”

Another Textbook Landing (Bronze)
Make a leap of faith to escape the First Order

Crush The First Order (Bronze)
During the Blaster Battle, crush the First Order by any me…

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