Lost Orbit (PS4) Trophy List

Lost Orbit (PS4) Trophy List

14 trophies can be earned in this title

No Fate! (Silver)
Complete the campaign.

Mk.5 Tinkerer (Bronze)
Fully upgrade 5 pieces of equipment.

We’re all Going to Die, Lis. (Bronze)
Give up.

Valen-kyrie (Bronze)
You died. A lot.

This is Why We’re Here! (Bronze)
Collect 10,000 Obtanium.

Be Like Water (Silver)
Beat 20 levels without dying.

Star Child (Gold)
Get Platinum in all levels.

Secret Trophies

Eat the world, Chico! (Bronze)
The hunger madness…

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge. (Bronze)
Survive your first asteroid field.

No! Monica! (Bronze)
Don’t be a sore loser…

Smoke Him! (Bronze)
Kick his butt!

Shiny! (Bronze)
Find a working ship.

It’s Full of Stars (Bronze)
Reached all sun moments.

Plebeian Hipster (Bronze)
Enable Indie Cred Mode.

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