Top 5 Gadgets to get for your PS4 – 2016 Edition

What everyone likes is gadgets! Well probably more me than anyone else but anyway! Here’s the Top 5 gadgets for the PS4:

  • PS VR

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Well it’s what everyone’s been most excited for this year, the PS VR. The next step in entertainment whether it’s immersing yourself into a 3D world or simply watching a movie this is the best gadget to buy in 2016! At


  • PS4 Wireless Headset

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Probably my most favourite gadget of all time, the PS4 wireless headset. Comes in Black or White and the sound is very clear. It’s rechargeable so no need for wires unless of course it runs out of power but having the option to connect it to your DualShock 4 makes this very portable!


  • 2 TB Internal Hard Drive – Samsung

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Hard Drive will run out quick! and I mean quick. I downloaded quite a few games and being a member of Playstation Plus will certainly add to the storage of your PS4. The best thing to do is to certainly upgrade your PS4 hard drive. There are loads of tutorials on the web and is painless to do. Just make sure you back up all your saves before you upgrade!


  • PS4 Camera (Also for PS VR)

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To activate your PS4 with your voice or to you use your PS VR you’ll certainly need this gadget for your PS4.


  • Playstation Move Motion Controller (Twin Pack)

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This is a must have for your PS VR, the twin pack enables you to use one controller in each hand giving you the most realistic experience possible offered by the VR.


Keep in touch and use the comments below to recommend any PS4 gadgets you love!

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