Transistor (PS4) Trophy List

Transistor (PS4) Trophy List

34 trophies can be earned in this title

Plat() (Platinum)
Earn all other Trophies.

Drive() (Bronze)
Reach the Goldwalk District.

Sandbox() (Bronze)
Clear one of each Test.

Speed() (Bronze)
Complete each Speed Test.

Stability() (Bronze)
Complete each Stability Test.

Planning() (Bronze)
Complete each Planning Test.

Performance() (Silver)
Complete each Performance Test.

Agency() (Silver)
Complete each Agency Test.

Anything() (Bronze)
Deal at least 1024 damage in one Turn() in the Practice Test.

Everything() (Bronze)
Deal at least 2048 damage in one Turn() in the Practice Test.

Contest() (Gold)
Clear every Test.

Bye() (Silver)
Complete the story.

Goodbye() (Gold)
Recurse through the story.

Bet() (Bronze)
Complete five encounters with one or more Limiters in use.

Dare() (Silver)
Complete five encounters with five or more Limiters in use.

Risk() (Gold)
Complete five encounters with all 10 Limiters in use.

Search() (Bronze)
Inspect five completed Function Files.

Find() (Silver)
Inspect 10 completed Function Files.

Reveal() (Silver)
Inspect all completed Function Files.

Process() (Silver)
Inspect all completed Limiter Files.

News() (Bronze)
Use 10 different OVC Terminals.

Function() (Bronze)
Unlock every Transistor Function.

Limiter() (Bronze)
Unlock every Process Limiter.

User() (Bronze)
Unlock every Upgrade Slot and Passive Slot.

Stack() (Bronze)
Create a Function combination requiring 12 MEM.

Memory() (Bronze)
Unlock 32 MEM.

Align() (Bronze)
Achieve User Level 8.

Focus() (Silver)
Achieve User Level 16.

One() (Gold)
Achieve User Level 24

Secret Trophies

Reisz() (Silver)
Confront Sybil at the Empty Set.

Spine() (Silver)
Confront the Spine at the Bracket Towers facade.

Kendrell() (Silver)
Confront Grant and Asher at Bracket Towers.

Bracket() (Silver)
Confront Royce beyond Cloudbank.

Self() (Bronze)
Upgrade a Function with a copy of itself.

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