Call Of The Sea PS5 Trophy Guide

Time To Platinum?

5 hours



How Many Trophies


Offline Trophies


Online Trophies


Minimum Playthroughs


Trophy List

Trophy NameTrophy DescriptionTrophy Grade
Call of the Sea You have unlocked all trophiesBronze
A Family Heirloom Complete the Prologue.Bronze
74 miles East of Otaheité Complete Chapter 1.Bronze
The Everhart Expedition Complete Chapter 2.Bronze
Seaside Serenade Play an ancient instrument.Bronze
The Vanishing of the Lady Shannon Complete Chapter 3.Bronze
506 East Hampden Avenue Get to your house in Englewood, Colorado.Bronze
Quite a Show Complete Chapter 4.Bronze
Dark Water Ride Venture through an unknown passage.Bronze
Sunken Complete Chapter 5.Bronze
Deep Cut Use the ritual dagger.Bronze
FHALGOF’N’ Complete Chapter 6.Bronze
The only thing I have now Complete the Game.Gold
A brigantine, a brig and a barque You have found the secret object in Chapter 1.Bronze
Gently down the stream… Where did my motorboat go?Silver
Interesting… Find 25% of the story logs.Bronze
Halfway there Find 50% of the story logs.Silver
The Amazing Adventures of Norah Everhart Find all the story logs.Gold
I’ll make a note of that… Collect all the puzzles notes.Gold
Written in Stone Find all the murals on the island.Gold
Weekend at Walakea’s You have found the secret object in Chapter 2.Bronze
Marsh Cannery You have found the secret object in Chapter 3.Bronze
Greetings from Y’ha-nthlei! You have found the secret object in Chapter 4.Bronze
Underwater Royalty You have found the secret object in Chapter 5.Bronze
Candid Photo You have found the secret object in Chapter 6.Bronze
Play it again, Norah Replay a level.Bronze
Fawning Developers We know it, we are the teacher’s pet. BUY ALL RAW FURY GAMES!Silver
The Lady Shannon Recording Now you can sell the scoop to any tabloid newspaper.Silver
You looked that up in a guide! You have played the notes of the music box of Chapter 4 on the piano in Chapter 3.Silver
Not Another Boring Slideshow! You watched the last slide from Harry’s projector.Silver
Soundcheck You made Norah sing to a microphone with no power. Are you happy now?Silver
The Norahnomicon Norah didn’t write that, did she?Silver
Naacalvision You experienced all the visions in Chapter 5.Silver
Otherwordly Portal You opened a portal to Arcadia.Silver
Meta-reference You found the Out of the Blue Key.Silver

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