Chivalry 2 PS5 Trophy Guide

Time To Platinum?

Between 20 and 30 hours



How Many Trophies


Offline Trophies


Online Trophies


Minimum Playthroughs


Trophy List

Trophy NameTrophy DescriptionTrophy Grade
PlatinumObtain all other trophiesPlatinum
Kill 10 EnemiesKill 10 EnemiesBronze
Kill 50 EnemiesKill 50 EnemiesBronze
Kill 100 EnemiesKill 100 EnemiesBronze
Kill 250 EnemiesKill 250 EnemiesBronze
Kill 500 EnemiesKill 500 EnemiesBronze
Kill 1000 EnemiesKill 1000 EnemiesBronze
Kill 1500 EnemiesKill 1500 EnemiesSilver
Kill 2000 EnemiesKill 2000 EnemiesGold
Win as Agatha 10 timesWin as Agatha 10 timesBronze
Win as Mason 10 timesWin as Mason 10 timesBronze
Win Dark Forest 5 timesWin Dark Forest 5 timesBronze
Win Dark Forest 10 timesWin Dark Forest 10 timesBronze
Win Dark Forest 25 timesWin Dark Forest 25 timesBronze
Win Coxwell 5 timesWin Coxwell 5 timesBronze
Win Coxwell 10 timesWin Coxwell 10 timesBronze
Win Coxwell 25 timesWin Coxwell 25 timesBronze
Win Lionspire 5 timesWin Lionspire 5 timesBronze
Win Lionspire 10 timesWin Lionspire 10 timesBronze
Win Lionspire 25 timesWin Lionspire 25 timesBronze
Win Rudhelm Siege 5 timesWin Rudhelm Siege 5 timesBronze
Win Rudhelm Siege 10 timesWin Rudhelm Siege 10 timesBronze
Win Rudhelm Siege 25 timesWin Rudhelm Siege 25 timesBronze
What Do We Say To the God of Death?Bandage yourself 3 times in one lifeSilver
I got better!Get revived from a downed stateBronze
Night KnightGet 10 unarmed killsBronze
Baker’s DozenKill 13 enemies with breadSilver
Bring Out The Big GunsGet 50 kills with siege weaponsSilver
The Things I Do For LoveMake an enemy fall to their deathSilver
Brave Brave Sir RobinGet 50 kills in one matchGold
Battle Of The BastardsKill an enemy wielding a bastard sword, with a bastard swordBronze
YadomeDeflect 100 projectilesSilver
The CountSuccessfully counter 200 attacksGold
Fight In The ShadeFire 1000 arrowsSilver
This Is FineDie from fireBronze
Deus VultAchieve 100 kills as KnightSilver
Feet on the GroundAchieve 100 kills as FootmanSilver
Avant-GardeAchieve 100 kills as VanguardSilver
Playing the wrong gameAchieve 100 kills as ArcherSilver
Field MedicRevive 10 downed teammatesSilver
Seeing RedAchieve 2 kills in a row without dying while under 25 healthSilver
Long Range MenaceKill an enemy with a projectile from over 100 metersSilver

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