Maid Of Sker PS5 Trophy Guide

Time To Platinum?

3 hours



How Many Trophies


Offline Trophies


Online Trophies


Minimum Playthroughs


Trophy List

Trophy NameTrophy DescriptionTrophy Grade
Platinum Trophy Acquire all trophiesPlatinum
Easy Listening Listen to all Gramophone recordingsSilver
Smooth Operator Listen to all Speaker Phone messagesSilver
Phonic Boom Use all Phonic Modulator chargesSilver
Ending on a High Note Play all musical instruments in gameSilver
Maids of Sker Find all the musical dollsSilver
Sker Explorer Visit every location and room in the Sker Mansion and groundsSilver
Don’t Breathe Hold your breathe more than 50 timesSilver
Chief Butler Ring all ground floor bellsSilver
Scholar Find all notesSilver
Nuisance Caller Ignore Elisabeth’s callsSilver
Wales Interactive Interactive with the Whale sculptureSilver
Choking Hazard End up coughing 10 timesSilver
Bull in a China Shop Bump into furniture 250 timesSilver
Animal Lover Pet The DogSilver
Perfect Harmony! If Thomas plays the four pieces of the Counter Song on the HarmoniumGold
Rapturous Applause! Thomas gives Elisabeth the four brass music cylindersGold
Luddite Don’t use the Phonic ModulatorGold
Hard Times Complete the game on hard settingGold
Life Saver Complete the game saving one time or lessGold
Dodgy Geezer Don’t get hit by the enemies at all in the gameGold

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