Manifold Garden PS5 Trophy Guide

Time To Platinum?

5 hours



How Many Trophies


Offline Trophies


Online Trophies


Minimum Playthroughs


Trophy List

Trophy NameTrophy DescriptionTrophy Grade
What Does It All Mean? Earn Every TrophyPlatinum
Trust Fall Fall from a Great HeightBronze
Witness a Laser Activate a Laser BeamBronze
Honey, I Shrunk Myself Shrink Down Into a Small Model of a LevelSilver
Let There Be Darkness Enter the Dark WorldSilver
A Walk on the Dark Side Collapse the Dark WorldGold
Plant a Seed Grow a TreeBronze
Tree Tree Evolution Grow a Double Gravity TreeBronze
Discover Hydroenergy Power on a Water WheelBronze
A Whole World in Your Hands Grow a WorldSilver
Homecoming Use a Hidden Path to Return to an Earlier LevelSilver
Thinking With Portals Solve a Puzzle Involving PortalsGold
Color Change Change the Color of a CubeSilver
Waterbender Redirect Water Using a CubeSilver
Non-Euclidean Fluid Mechanics Redirect Water Through a PortalSilver
Blue Complete Complete the Blue LevelSilver
Red Complete Complete the Red LevelSilver
Yellow Complete Complete the Yellow LevelSilver
Orange Complete Complete the Orange LevelSilver
Purple Complete Complete the Purple LevelSilver
Green Complete Complete the Green LevelSilver
Collect the Rainbow Complete the Rainbow LevelGold
Final Countdown Open the Final DoorGold
Transcended See the EndingGold
The Game is Not Enough Complete the Game Without Placing a Single God CubeGold

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