Oddworld Soulstorm PS5 Trophy Guide

Time To Platinum?

Between 40 and 50 hours



How Many Trophies


Offline Trophies


Online Trophies


Minimum Playthroughs


Trophy List

Trophy NameTrophy GradeTrophy Description
The Chosen OnePlatinumGot every other trophy
Whose Side Are You On?BronzeFailed to liberate the Mudokons
Captured The TrainSilverCaptured a train and escaped from Trellis
Escaped The MinesSilverEscaped the Necrum Mines with the Flagon’s Eye
As It Was ForetoldGoldLiberated the Mudokons
High StakesSilverComplete The Sanctum without dying
Teach A Mud To FishBronzeCraft your first recipe
A Brewtiful RelationshipBronzeCrafted at least one of every item in the game
BrewtalBronzeKill a Slig after coating it in Brew
The Light, It Burns!BronzeScared off at least 500 Sleeches
ScavengerBronzeLooted 250 lootables
Abe The HealerBronzeDiscover, craft and use the antidote on 15 different sick Mudokons
What A SlogBronzeOut run a Slog for at least 15 seconds
Sekto Spring’s Favourite RecyclerBronzeRecycle 100 bottles
Trigger FingerBronzeKill 100 Sligs while possessed
Ch’i MasterBronzePossessed at least one of every type of Slig in the game
Now You’re Thinking With Bird PortalsBronzeRescue 100 Mudokons through the bird portals
IT’S A KNOCKOUT!BronzeKnock out 100 Sligs via depossession
Big SpenderBronzeCashed in 500 Moolah at Moolah Gates
HeartlessBronzeEnd a level with negative Quarma
BloodlessBronzeEnd a level with positive Quarma
SoullessSilverAchieve negative Quarma in five levels
SoulfulGoldAchieve positive Quarma in five levels
You’re (Not) On Fire!SilverEscape Monsaic Lines without taking any damage
Savin’ That MoolahSilverBeat Eye Of The Storm without using a Vendo in that level
Friend of the Mudokons, Part 1SilverRescued enough Mudokons for good Quarma in Reunion At The Old Trellis
Friend of the Mudokons, Part 2SilverRescued enough Mudokons for good Quarma in the Escape level
Too Pure For This WorldGoldBeat the game without killing more than 100 Sligs
Hardest Mudokon in the WestGoldComplete every level without Abe dying
Gamplay master, bronzeBronzeAchieved a quarter of the different badges across the whole game
Gameplay master, silverBronzeAchieved half of the different badges across the whole game
Gameplay master, goldSilverAchieved a three quarters of the different badges across the whole game
Gameplay master, platinumGoldAchieved every badge in the game

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