Operation Tango PS5 Trophy Guide

Time To Platinum?

3 hours



How Many Trophies


Offline Trophies


Online Trophies


Minimum Playthroughs


Trophy List

Trophy NameTrophy DescriptionTrophy Grade
Operation: Tango – Mission Complete!Collect all other TrophiesPlatinum
Angel, Agent ExtraordinaireComplete A Viral Heist as an agentBronze
Fleming, Alistair B. FlemingComplete A Viral Heist as a hackerBronze
Forever and a DayComplete A High-Tech Target as an agentBronze
SpectreComplete A High-Tech Target as a hackerBronze
Die Another DayComplete Business on the Go as an agentBronze
No Time to DieComplete Business on the Go as a hackerBronze
Ghost ProtocolComplete Digital Dive as an agentSilver
SkyfallComplete Digital Dive as a hackerSilver
Quantum of SolaceComplete Institutional Cleanup as an agentSilver
The World Is Not EnoughComplete Institutional Cleanup as a hackerSilver
It Takes Two…Complete Big-Bang Theory as an agentGold
…to Save the World!Complete Big-Bang Theory as a hackerGold
The Living DaylightsLocate the bomb as an agentSilver
Zero Minus TenLocate the bomb as a hackerSilver
For Special ServicesComplete all missions as an agentGold
On Her Majesty’s Secret ServiceComplete all missions as a hackerGold
You Only Live TwiceComplete all missions with both charactersGold
For Your Eyes OnlyRequest a HintSilver
License to KillKill your partner as an agentSilver
Live and Let DieKill your partner as a hackerSilver
The Spy Who Loved MeUse all emotes as an agentSilver
IcebreakerSend three messages to your partner as a hackerSilver
Hidden TrophyContinue playing to unlock this trophy.Gold

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