Terminator: Resistance Enhanced PS5 Trophy Guide

Time To Platinum?

5 hours



How Many Trophies


Offline Trophies


Online Trophies


Minimum Playthroughs


Trophy List

Trophy NameTrophy GradeTrophy Description
No problemoPlatinumAcquire all trophies
Hasta la vista, babySilverDestroy your first T-800
It’s a bird…BronzeDestroy a T-800 Flamethrower by shooting it’s fuel tank.
HackerBronzeSuccessfully hack 10 devices.
Helping HandBronzeSuccessfully hack 10 devices.
TinkerBronzeUpgrade your weapon.
Turn Up the RadioBronzeUse Ryan’s boombox to annoy Alvin.
ResearcherBronzeTake at least a ‘good’ photo of an enemy.
Not a Mission PriorityBronzeComplete a side objective.
Easy MoneyBronzeSuccessfully open 10 locks.
HandymanBronzeSuccessfully craft 5 items.
JournalistBronzeFind a note.
No HopeBronzeOpen the unlockable door in Padadena.
Taste of Your Own MedicineSilverGet an enemy killed by a hacked Turret.
Efficient KillerSilverKill a Terminator using a Termination Knife.
BlackoutSilverDestroy a Skynet Outpost.
Still Counts as OneSilverDestroy the T-47 that occupies Pasadena.
Priority to Me!SilverComplete 5 side objectives.
HistorianSilverFind 10 notes.
Close callGoldEscape from Pasadena with other survivors.
ContactGoldMake contact with the imprisoned Resistance Soldiers.
Coming HomeGoldFind the South Division’s Resistance Shelter.
The Tide Is TurningGoldEscape Downtown with Alvin.
Fool Me Once…GoldDestroy the Infiltrator.
Second GenerationGoldObtain Skynet security codes from the a fallen HK Tank.
I’ll be BackGoldComplete the game on any difficulty level.
Back to the pastGoldFind all 3 secrets in the Infiltrator mode.
InfiltratedSilverFinish Infiltrator mode.

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