Until Dawn (PS4) Trophy List

Until Dawn (PS4) Trophy List

19 trophies can be earned in this title

A Symphony of Horror Trophies (Platinum)
You collected all Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies in Until Dawn

Secret Trophies

Fatal Grudge (Bronze)
Chris chose to shoot Ashley

The Exorcism of Emily (Bronze)
Mike shot Emily

Ashley Snaps (Silver)
Ashley snapped and let Chris die

You Let The Wrong One In! (Bronze)
Ashley or Chris opened the trap door and let the monster in

Let eM In (Bronze)
Mike allowed Emily to stay in the basement

Instant Inferno (Silver)
Sam immediately flicked the switch to set the lodge ablaze

The Tale of The Two Sisters (Gold)
The group found all the clues from the Twins Clueline

The Fateful Descent (Gold)
The group found all the clues from the 1952 Clueline

You Opened Their Eyes (Gold)
The group found all the clues from the Mystery Man Clueline

Four Daughters Of Darkness (Gold)
All of the girls survived until dawn

They All Live (Gold)
All eight friends survived until dawn

This Is THE End (Gold)
Nobody survived until dawn

Don’t Scare Jessica To Death (Silver)
Jessica survived her night of terror

The Skilful Wolf Man (Gold)
Mike kept the wolf alive throughout the Sanatorium

Scream Too! (Silver)
Mike cut off his fingers to free himself from the bear trap

The Psycho Path (Silver)
Sam or Ashley attacked the psycho with a weapon

The Quicker Man (Gold)
All the boys escaped death

Night of the Totem Hunter (Gold)
The group found all the totems on the mountain

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