VR Worlds (PS VR) Trophy List

VR Worlds (PS VR) Trophy List

27 trophies can be earned in this title


Platinum Trophy (Platinum)
Complete every PlayStation® VR Worlds Trophy

King of the Road (Gold)
Complete all VR Luge Challenges

Training Wheels (Silver)
Complete half of the VR Luge challenges

Tour of Duty (Silver)
Complete all VR Luge Tour challenges

Time Traveler (Silver)
Complete all Time Trial mode challenges

No Claims Bonus (Bronze)
Complete all no collision challenges

Get Your Feet Wet (Bronze)
Complete any dive

Legend (Bronze)
Complete all of The London Heist challenges

On The Up (Silver)
Complete half of the London Heist challenges

Members Only (Silver)
Complete all of the Shooting Gallery challenges

Once Upon A Time In London (Silver)
Complete the story of The London Heist

Ace Pilot (Gold)
Complete all Scavengers Odyssey Challenges

Galactic Explorer (Silver)
Complete half of the Scavengers Odyssey Challenges

Battle-Hardened (Bronze)
Complete Scavengers Odyssey Part 1

Born Scavenger (Silver)
Complete Scavengers Odyssey Part 2

Danger Baller (Bronze)
Complete all of the Danger Ball challenges

Hemispherical (Silver)
Complete half of the Danger Ball challenges

No Contest (Silver)
Complete all of the Danger Ball Tournament challenges

Will No One Face Me? (Silver)
Complete all of the Danger Ball Quickplay challenges

Bullseye (Silver)
Complete all of the Danger Ball Score Attack challenges

Quit Shoving (Silver)
Push the guide in the Hub

Statuesque (Bronze)
Obtain your first statue upgrade

Midas Touch (Gold)
Upgrade all statues to gold
Secret Trophies

Cone Free Zone (Silver)
Hit a total of 100 cones

You’re No Angel (Silver)
Startle the angelfish

Refined Taste (Silver)
Find classical music on Mickie’s radio

Death from Above (Silver)
Kill 15 enemies with a single explosive tank while jumping

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