Waddle Home (PS VR) Trophy List

Waddle Home (PS VR) Trophy List

13 trophies can be earned in this title.
A Rescuer Appears (Bronze)
Complete your first rescue mission.

Halfway There (Bronze)
Rescue well underway.

Over Easy (Bronze)
Saved half the eggs.

No One Left Behind (Silver)
Rescued all the penguins.

Eggcellent (Silver)
Saved all the eggs.

Back To The Cage (Bronze)
A guard got the better of you.

Penguins Can Fly (Bronze)
Helped a penguin learn to fly.

The Pits (Bronze)
You outsmarted a guard.

Whack-A-Bot (Bronze)
You’re not just a one-hit wonder.

Fast and Frozen (Bronze)
Ten levels done in under 90 seconds each.

Stay Frosty (Bronze)
Took a swim.

Silly Penguins! (Bronze)
Penguins were caught by the guards ten times.

Emperor Penguin (Gold)
Racked up a really high score!

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