Weeping Doll (PS VR) Trophy List

14 trophies can be earned in this title.

Soul of A Maid (Bronze)
Hang A Tong’s hat onto the hanger

Family of Four (Bronze)
Check Furuyagi’s family photo on the coffee table

Room for Nobody (Bronze)
Try getting into Ayasa’s room

Midnight Tale (Bronze)
Turn on the radio in the Japanese room

Love from the Doll Maker (Bronze)
Check Ayasa’s food tray

Helpless (Bronze)
Try making a phone call

The Newer the Better (Bronze)
Check Lord’s new hammer

Lost and Found (Bronze)
Find Lord’s lost hammer

Haunted Rhymes (Bronze)
Play the phonograph

Wedding Anniversary (Bronze)
Check the wedding photo in the master bedroom

Secret in Bathroom (Bronze)
Get into the bathroom after leaving the master bedroom

Let’s Play Hide ‘N Seek (Silver)
Try getting into dining room after leaving the master bedroom

Cautiousness (Silver)
Getting into the dining room after leave the brig

Escape (Gold)
Complete the game

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